Running A B&B

A bed and breakfast is an establishment in the hospitality industry that offers accommodation and breakfast in an environment that depicts homeliness and comfort. Most bed and breakfast facilities can only accommodate a few guests at a time in order to retain the guest's privacy, quality of services and the cosy setting and may therefore be more costly compared to motels. Most are usually run as family businesses and the hosts are also accommodated in the facility.

What is involved in running a bed and breakfast?

A bed and breakfast requires a similar set of skills to run as any other hospitality facility. This includes housekeeping, customer service, marketing, culinary, laundry and facility maintenance skills. It is good to note that the range of skills required is dependent on the services that the bed and breakfast intends to provide to its guests. This should be combined with business management and running skills to enhance profitability and success.

Who can help someone run a bed and breakfast?

Given the small size of the bed and breakfast business, the owner is at liberty to outsource some services to skilled and experienced individuals in the state of operation. Accounting and bookkeeping are on top of this list. bookkeepers in birmingham can ensure the business keeps proper records of all revenues and expenses and maintains accurate accounting books for taxation purposes.

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The bed and breakfast facilities require a constant stream of clients. This calls for marketing and advertising services that can be provided by experienced marketing and advertising personnel. Usually, these facilities do not take an aggressive approach to acquiring clients and therefore, the marketer must ensure that they employ strategies that are in line with the business policies.

The bed and breakfast may also require professional legal advice to ensure that all documents presented to clients are in order, to receive advice on the application of laws, rules and regulations that may affect the business and to be properly presented in negotiations and legal suits, when need arises. These should be provided by specialised and experienced personnel for efficiency.

Why do people own bed and breakfasts and what are the benefits of owning a bed and breakfast?

Mostly, people own these facilities as a source of livelihood for their families. Others may do so in order to leave a legacy for their families or to utilise idle property. But what benefits accrue from owning one? As the owner, you have the freedom to define the kind of business you would like to establish by setting policies as well as the business culture. This way, the business is a reflection of the owner's beliefs and lifestyle. The owner also has the freedom to determine their day to day schedule which is a great source of flexibility compared to formal employment.

The business owner only requires a minimal financial investment in the case that they already own the property. Given that the source of labour could be family members, the business will be up and running as soon as the licenses, the necessary furniture and d├ęcor is in place. The bed and breakfast is a great way to utilise large family homes that may not be currently in use. When this is done, the income generated supplements the family income.